We’re delighted lots of Angel office workers will have turned up to work and found new desks, chairs and cabinets over the past few weeks, all courtesy of the Business Design Centre. The exhibition centre recently donated excellent quality but unwanted items to our furniture swapshop and we’ve distributed them free around the Angel to our businesses and charities.

At least seven angel.london members have taken delivery of the new furniture, including CoffeeWorks Project, Almeida Theatre, The King’s Head Theatre, Oxfam Bookshop, Tiger and Moxons fish shop.

“It’s great to keep things local. It’s saves us money on purchasing costs and other businesses don’t have to pay to take their unwanted items away,” says CoffeeWorks manager Ben Alessandri, pictured receiving desks, chairs and cabinets from our recycling boys Ash and Rhys.

And Robert from Moxons fishmongers is pleased we’re doing all we can for sustainability: “ I was so excited to receive six matching chairs, in excellent condition, which has saved me a fortune and gone a tiny way towards saving the planet.”

If you’ve got any good quality office furniture, IT or catering equipment that you no longer want, tell us and we’ll see if we can find a new home for it locally, to minimise landfill and transport costs.