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The homeless – how can we help?

We are all moved by the plight of homeless people, and know our caring business community at Angel is concerned about the wellbeing of rough sleepers and homeless people.

Our best advice is not to hand out money, but support that charities that offer  the real help them need – shelter, a decent meal, access into rehab services, help with finding a home and a job.

We’ve just bought two paintings (pictured, with CEO Christine Lovett) from an artist showing at The One Festival of Homeless Arts now in its second year after being founded by artist David Tovey, who once relied on the ­services at Islington homeless charity Pilion Trust to get him out of homelessness and crystal meth addiction.

Find out how you can support the work of the Pilion Trust at www.piliontrust.info/

Do your bit to protect vulnerable people by letting homeless charity Streetlink know they are they there. Outreach workers will then visit and see what care or services they need. 

It takes two minutes to tell Streetlink, and they will send you an alert when they contact the rough sleeper and also any outcomes. Get in touch on 03005000914 or www.streetlink.org.uk