03/05/2023 in Angel Police Team Business Police

Join us at the first Angel Business Crime Reduction Partnership meeting – 11 May

A key output from the Angel Business Crime Summit held earlier this year was the re-establishment of the Angel Business Crime Reduction Partnership (ABCRP).  We can now confirm that the first meeting of ABCRP will take place at 9am on Thursday 11 May at the…

07/05/2021 in Angel Police Team Safer

Reporting Crimes and anti-social behaviour in the Angel – who and when to contact

Businesses within the Angel have a range of people and various methods in which to report crime and anti-social behaviour. It is important that your workers know who to contact in certain situations, so here is a brief summary: In an emergency, call 999 –…

20/03/2018 in Angel Police Team Safer

SAFER – Acid attack (Project Diffuse) training session a huge success

On Wednesday 14 March over 100 staff from businesses and organisations from the Angel BID area attended an acid attack training event hosted by The event incorporated a truly lifelike simulation of an acid attack taking place within a…

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SAFER – Angel Police Team’s ‘Operation Wing’ takes flight

Over the last couple of months, the Angel Police Team, which is funded by, launched ‘Operation Wing’.  The proactive theft operation targets suspects operating in specific areas of the BID and includes three aspects: Linking with staff and security…

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SAFER – Free bespoke security training by the Angel Police Team

What do you do if you see someone shoplifting from your premises, stealing a smartphone in your bar or causing a disturbance?  What does the law say and how does it protect you? All these questions and much more can…

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SAFER – FREE bespoke security training sessions by Angel Police Team

Can you easily spot shoplifters? What do you do if you see someone stealing your stock, or someone’s bag in your café, or a phone from the table in your bar? Confront them, eject them forcibly from the premises? How…

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SAFER – Knife Angel London event for businesses: Tuesday 24 September

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday 24 September will be hosting Knife Angel London; an exclusive event to support businesses in reducing knife crime in Islington. Where and when is this event? Knife Angel London will be held…

22/11/2018 in Angel Police Team Safer

SAFER – Met Police Winter Vigilance Campaign 2018: Sixty Second Security Checklist

The Met Police County Terrorism Policing unit has launched a campaign to encourage the public to remain alert while out and about shopping or enjoying the festive season and to report anything suspicious to staff, security or police. Under the…

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SAFER – Police publish new security guidance for retailers

The National Business Crime Centre and the Met Police have published two new documents for retail businesses.  The first ‘Ten Principles of Crime Prevention‘ is a useful worksheet containing checklists for store managers and staff, outlining how  applying straightforward measures can reduce crime…

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SAFER – Project Argus & Project Griffin: could your business benefit from FREE counter terrorism training?

As we continue to be vigilant in the face of attacks on our communities, all businesses can benefit from exclusive FREE bespoke training courses from the Met Police counter-terror police team. PROJECT GRIFFIN – For all staff Officers will…

22/03/2018 in Angel Police Team Safer

SAFER – Angel Police Team catches and charges prolific thief

We are sure you will all want to thank our wonderful Angel Police Team in catching and charging one of the most prolific thieves in Angel. On Tuesday 6 March, Kelly Vigors was charged with eight counts of theft, one…

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SAFER – Met Police launch new ‘BE SAFE’ campaign

The Metropolitan Police has launched a new campaign entitled ‘BE SAFE’ to highlight the issue of smart phone theft, often by thieves on two wheeled vehicles. Criminals use scooters and bikes to snatch phones and valuables, often riding up behind…

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SAFER: Free police security training session – Islington Square. Tues 17 March @ 11am

The Angel Town Centre Police Team is running a security training session for anyone from a customer facing business (i.e. shop, cafe, restaurant etc.) at Islington Square on Tuesday 17 March at 11am. The session, lasting one hour, will cover loss prevention…