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BRIGHTER – Helping biodiversity bloom in Angel!

We are delighted to have worked with Islington Council and RBS to replant the central courtyard garden of the RBS building on Upper Street.  We joined the Council’s Open Spaces team and staff from RBS to do a bit of…

10/05/2018 in Brighter Cleaner Transport

CLEANER – 21 June 2018, Clean Air Day in Angel

Calling all walkers, cyclists, wannabe-cyclists and anyone concerned about air pollution. Thursday 21st June is Clean Air Day and Islington Council is putting on an event in Angel to celebrate the cleaner ways to travel. Representatives will be on the…

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CLEANER – Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business in London and have an older, inefficient heating system you may be eligible for 30 to 40 per cent cashback when you replace it with a new, cleaner system. What are the benefits? 30 to…

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CLEANER – New ‘Clean Air Walk’ from Kings Cross to Angel

As part of the ‘Clean Air Day’ celebrations last week, a new ‘Clean Air Walk’ between King’s Cross and Angel was launched. The walk highlights a quieter, greener (and much more pleasant!) way between the two locations; taking in White…

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CLEANER – New fresh drinking water fountain on Islington Green

As part of the Mayor of London’s Drinking Fountain Fund, our very own Islington Green has got a brand new free fresh water fountain. The new fountain (although to be honest its more of a fresh water dispenser than a fountain) is…

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CLEANER – Planning a spring clean? Don’t forget our FREE recycling services

If you’re planning to have a clear-out of your office, store cupboards, or even kitchen, don’t forget that offers seven different recycling services for FREE! The ‘magnificent seven’ as we like to call them cover paper, cardboard, coffee grounds,…

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CLEANER – The three new ‘C’s of our recycling: Coffee, Cups and Cutlery!!

The harm that disposable drinking vessels are doing to our planet is BIG news at the moment and the difficulties in recycling single-use coffee cups regularly hit the headlines.  Well, here at we are always looking at ways we…

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CLEANER – Working collectively to manage our collective waste!

Yesterday we hosted our monthly meeting with Islington’s waste management team.  At these vital meetings, attended by both senior managers and the on-street cleaners themselves, we  are able to discuss a whole range of matters relating to street cleanliness, rubbish…

21/03/2018 in Cleaner Recycling

CLEANER – Easter Bank Holiday doesn’t affect our recycling services

As many businesses know offers a range of FREE recycling services from paper & cardboard to coffee grounds. Well, in case you were wondering, we can proudly confirm that the upcoming Easter Bank Holiday will NOT affect our services….

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CLEANER – New bins… No ifs, no butts!

Have you spotted the new bins that are on the streets around the BID area? Probably not… Well, the new bins started to be installed earlier this month and the programme of replacement will go on until June by which…

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CLEANER & SAFER – Improved pedestrian paving on Liverpool Road

As well as our ‘big picture’ work, here at we’re the BID that gets the little things sorted to improve the landscape of Angel to help create the best trading environment for businesses. We’re delighted with the work that…

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Ensure your business is COVID-19 Secure

It is vital for businesses to ensure that they are COVID-19 Secure and adhering to the rules around NHS Test & Trace, service procedures and social distancing etc.  Hospitality venues check-in Since 29 March, every visitor to a hospitality venue is required to check-in…