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BRIGHTER – Shows and performances in the Angel: Dec 2018 / Jan 2019

The wonderful arts and cultural venues in the Angel will be hosting a wide range of shows through the festive season.  Check out what’s coming up in the next month or so, including the return of Simon Russell Beale to…

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BRIGHTER – Theatre & Dance Performances in Angel : April 2018

We all know that Angel is perfect for a cultured evening and as such our theatres and performance venues bring thousands of visitors to our area each month.   To make sure you are ‘in the know’, here’s a summary…

Colourful Bike-rack Planters in Angel
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BRIGHTER – Bikes & Blooms go hand in hand in Angel!

OK, so we may have had the ‘Beast from the East’ Parts 1 & 2 in March, but we can see the joys of spring everyday in Angel with the installation of more of our popular, useful (and if we…

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CLEANER – The three new ‘C’s of our recycling: Coffee, Cups and Cutlery!!

The harm that disposable drinking vessels are doing to our planet is BIG news at the moment and the difficulties in recycling single-use coffee cups regularly hit the headlines.  Well, here at we are always looking at ways we…

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CLEANER – Easter Bank Holiday doesn’t affect our recycling services

As many businesses know offers a range of FREE recycling services from paper & cardboard to coffee grounds. Well, in case you were wondering, we can proudly confirm that the upcoming Easter Bank Holiday will NOT affect our services….

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SAFER – Acid attack (Project Diffuse) training session a huge success

On Wednesday 14 March over 100 staff from businesses and organisations from the Angel BID area attended an acid attack training event hosted by The event incorporated a truly lifelike simulation of an acid attack taking place within a…

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SAFER – Angel Police Team catches and charges prolific thief

We are sure you will all want to thank our wonderful Angel Police Team in catching and charging one of the most prolific thieves in Angel. On Tuesday 6 March, Kelly Vigors was charged with eight counts of theft, one…

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STRONGER – Angel Business Survey 2018: Results

Following completion of our Annual Business Survey 2018 by The Retail Group in August, we are pleased to share the full results of this year’s survey. The report covers many aspects regarding business in the Angel including customer segmentation, travel…

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STRONGER – Conferences & Exhibitions at the Business Design Centre: Sept 2018

At we want to ensure that you are aware of what’s going on in the BID area and which events will be potentially bringing customers to your business.  Here’s some details of the conferences and exhibitions taking place at the Business…

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STRONGER – Conferences & Exhibitions coming to Angel in April

Knowledge is power right?   Here at we want to ensure all businesses in the BID area know what’s going on and the events that could well bring customers to your door.  Well, as your helpful friend, below is the…

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STRONGER – New openings in Angel!

As always, here at we adore shiny new things, so we’re delighted to welcome the following businesses to Angel. We wish them every success in their new ventures! KANADA-YA RAMEN BAR 35 Upper Street –  Angel is the…