Spotting the fakes 

BIG thanks to all those businesses who became real fake note spotters at our recent security breakfast. The Bank of England experts who trained everyone said the session held at Candid Arts Trust in Torrens Street was their best attended event so far.

It’s important to be especially eagle-eyed about fake notes at the moment. The police team are reporting that tricksters are trying to get rid of counterfeit  £10 and £20 notes before they go out of circulation, and also spend fake polymer notes before anyone gets familiar with their security features. It’s vital for businesses to spot the duds, but also for all of us to check our change carefully.

“That was the most interesting training session,” said Arnaud Orchamp from Frederick’s restaurant. “Now we can spot fake notes at a glance, which is important at work and at home. I recommend everyone in every business does this course.”

For all those who didn’t get to our training, we requested these really helpful links for you to share with everyone.

More detail

The Bank of England’s free educational materials, including short films and online training can be accessed via

Hard copies of the materials can be ordered via an online order form midway down this webpage.  If you would like the certificated eLearning training package as a zip file to download onto internal platforms, please email

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