After two years of campaigning our two new CCTV cameras have been installed and switched on in Upper Street – and they are already delivering results.

Recently a local bank alerted police they suspected two people were committing fraud in the branch. The council’s CCTV control room heard the call, quickly refocused the cameras, and in seconds spotted the pair emerging from the bank. The camera operator tracked one of the suspects to a local coffee shop and directed the police, who then made an arrest. This is a perfect example of how CCTV can enhance thework of our angel.london Police Team.

We’ve fought hard to get the cameras. We’ve campaigned for over a year. Businesses asked for cameras on that spot after a violent incident there but because our Angel Police Team are so vigilant and doing so well keeping crime down, permission was refused.

“Securing extra CCTV has been a long battle,” says Angel Chief Exec Christine Lovett. “It was only after joining together and campaigning with local residents, faith groups and St Mary’s ward councillors that we secured the extra cameras. We are grateful for their support.

“Cameras will not only help with police investigations but also act as a deterrent. The Angel must be as safe as it can be for all of us who live and work here.”

Says Paul Siani of Garfields estate agents: “I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your perseverance in being able to extend the CCTV coverage of Upper Street up to and including the junction of Gaskin Street.

Clearly it will be a major benefit to businesses and people alike to know that they now have added security, especially so as the system to be installed is the latest high-tech version which will enable the monitoring of this section of Upper Street to be far more effective.

You have done a fantastic job in coordinating both the Council, British Telecom and organising the funding for this to go ahead.”

CCTV images can make all the difference in keeping our streets safe. Angel Police Team need the clearest CCTV footage possible to secure convictions against criminals. We do encourage all businesses to make sure your internal CCTV is the best quality you can afford, that your staff know how to use it and download images, and that the camera lens is cleaned regularly.

Angel Police Team have been busy zooming in the cameras on parts of Upper Street to get the clearest pictures of suspected muggers and thieves. Don’t forget to log in to our Angel Crimefighters website to see if you recognise anyone who might have committed an offence on your premises. This really is a quick and efficient way to share intelligence about the latest goings on – call the police team hotline for a login.