SAFER – Keep hydrated on the tube to the keep the Angel flowing

Unfortunately, Angel tube station has one of the highest rates of ‘PIOTs’ (Passengers Ill On Trains) across the whole London Underground network. During the summer many of the PIOTs are due to dehydration and overheating. When one incident occurs, this can also lead to ‘knock-on’ incidents as subsequent trains are held within tunnels.

So whilst it may sound obvious, as the hot weather finally arrives, please encourage all your staff to carry water with them on the tube in order to help keep business in the Angel flowing.

Further tips to ensure keeping healthy on the tubes include:

·         Remove coats / jackets etc when on the train

·         Offer a seat to anyone who looks like they may need help

·         Open the windows in the carriage end doors

·         Try to avoid pulling the Passenger Emergency Alarm. If possible alight the train at the next station and request help from staff or a Help Point

·         Is it easier to walk if you are travelling one stop?

·         Do not be afraid to approach staff for help

·         Do not travel if you feel unwell

·         Ensure you have had something to eat or had a drink before travelling