SAFER – Don’t be a victim of a phone snatch

There are 300 phone snatches in Islington on average EVERY month and we are continually working with our Angel Police Team to cut those figures at the Angel by raising everyone’s awareness.

The three messages from the police are

  • Check your environment
  • Switch on all your phone’s security features
  • Can you identify it if it’s stolen? Register your valuable items with national property register Immobilise

Anyone who’s already been a victim of a snatch knows how unexpected and shocking it is, even if you think you’re in a safe place. Look around on the street and see how many people are on their phones, walking distractedly, unaware of who’s watching. Don’t let that be you. and the Angel Police Team have created a simple awareness flyer / poster to share with everyone who works in your business, or to print off and post up in your staff areas – the poster can be downloaded here – Phone Snatch Flyer – Final 30.04.18

If you would like to have a FREE security training session for your business delivered by the Angel Police Team or host a phone safety ‘pop-up’ event in your business, please contact