CCTV is one of the most important sources of forensic evidence used by Police Team to keep our streets safe. This year alone they have convicted more than 40 bag thieves, pickpockets and shoplifters by identifying them from CCTV images. They could catch a lot more.

We’re appealing to every business to review their CCTV because so many potentially significant images of crimes committed here are discarded because they’re poor quality – which means the criminals are free to do it again.

It could be poor quality equipment, low memory or simply that your camera needs re-positioning.

So we’ve organised an expert from our police team to visit your premises offering advice on cameras, equipment and locations. Putting criminals behind bars not only means a safer Angel but fewer losses from your business or your customers – it’s worth it!

Estate agent Paul Siani of Garfields understands the value of CCTV for the Angel: “I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your perseverance in being able to extend the CCTV coverage of Upper Street up to and including the junction of Gaskin Street.

“Clearly it will be a major benefit to businesses and people alike to know that they now have added security, especially so as the system to be installed is the latest high-tech version which will enable the monitoring of this section of Upper Street to be far more effective.

“You have done a fantastic job in coordinating both the council and British Telecom, and organising the funding for this to go ahead.”