Rent negotiations – pointers for businesses

We are aware that for many businesses rental charges are a major fixed expenditure and during this unprecedented time for business, we hope landlords too would make concessions in order for their tenants to continue trading.

If you are having problems paying the rent we strongly advise you to get in touch with your landlord(s) immediately. Don’t waste any time as this will affect your ability to pay your bills and continue trading.

Here are some tips and thoughts from to aid any discussions you may have:

  • Negotiate a reduction or a deferment of the rent with your landlord
  • If you can’t get an outright reduction, offer to pay off the difference at an agreed later date when you are more financially stable, for example.
  • It is in your landlords’ interests to help you survive this crisis. Empty properties will not be liable for the rates amnesty for the coming financial year and your landlord will have to pay the rates if you vacate the property.
  • It will also be very difficult for them to re-let the property for some time even after the Covid 19 crisis ends. Make sure your landlord understands that an occupied property paying reduced rent is better than a long-term vacant property

We want you to still be on the high street when this crisis is over and will try to help in any way we can to make this possible. Negotiating with your landlords now is another step in making this happen so don’t delay and do this before your next rent payment is due.