Reminder – claim now for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Grant Scheme and Small Business Grant Scheme


Islington Council has already processed over 2,600 grant applications and distributed over £43.5 million to local businesses under the Coronavirus Small Business Grant Fund or Coronavirus Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund.

This level of funding makes the Council one of the most efficient in the country in processing claims and distributing funds. However, the Council is still anticipating to distribute a further £13 million and is calling on any business that believes it is eligible for a grant and has not yet made an application, to do so now.

To apply for either of the grants you will need to download and complete this form below:


If you are having trouble downloading the form, you can access it on the Islington Council website HERE

Completed forms should be sent to Please ensure that you title your email with your name, company name and the words ‘COVID-19 Grant Details’.

To check if you are eligible for one of these grants, or other support funding from the Govt in relation to Coronavirus, use this simple BUSINESS SUPPORT FINDER TOOL



If you sent an application to Islington Council for either of these funds before Thursday 16 April payment should be made by Tuesday 28 April, allowing for the time it takes for a BACS payment to reach a business bank account.

If you make a claim online from now it will be paid, if eligible, within 12 working days, allowing time to process eligibility, bank account checks and the 3-5 days it takes the BACS process to deliver payments.

In some cases, the Council’s Business Rates team may need to contact businesses for further information, which could mean payment could take longer than this.

Due to the high volume of enquiries the Council is receiving, please do not contact their Business Rates team for an update unless you have not received your payment after ten working days, or before 28 April if you have already submitted your claim.