Recycling times are changing – why and how

In order to make the streets cleaner and more accessible, Islington Council is changing the times that waste can be put out for collection across the borough.  This applies to all business waste – regardless of which contractor you use – and our recycling too.

The changes will start from Monday 6 February 2017. The new time for businesses putting out waste or recycling in all streets will be 6-7pm. This is the ONLY time you can leave your rubbish out without getting fined.

If your waste/recycling isn’t collected by or Islington Council’s Waste Management Services, please make sure your waste contractor is aware of the new times as soon as possible. They must collect your waste then.

Our paper and cardboard recycling will be collected in the evening by Islington Council – instead of during the day by our team. The good news is that we are able to extend this popular free service to SEVEN days a week.

We will continue to provide you with free recycling bags and labels. All that is changing is the time you put out your recycling for collection. Put everything out together in the place you usually put your waste. To make sure the council collect it, all our recycling MUST be labelled with our stickers or in the bags or you could be liable for a fixed penalty notice.

Our bespoke coffee, furniture and special collections WILL continue during the working day as these items are not left on the highway. They will be collected directly from your premises. Our recycling team will be in to discuss your needs with you soon.

Please make sure all your staff are aware of when they should put your rubbish and recycling out. This will take some getting used to but it will improve the appearance of the Angel, which can only benefit us all.

If you foresee any problems, please contact us now.  We will do our best to make sure that the new service works seamlessly for you.

Angel waste/recycling times

6-7pm – ALL STREETS (including Upper Street) recycling & all business waste. Put our free recycling where you normally put your business waste.

12 midnight-1am UPPER STREET ONLY – recycling & all business waste.

Coffee will be collected from your doorstep during the day.

If you have agreed other times with the council for your business waste, your recycling will be collected at the same time.