Real life drama at the Old Red 

The suspect package alert which closed the Angel one October evening was a scary reminder about how we must all to stay aware. A bar contacted our police about a threat and a suspect package, the Angel was immediately locked down – and the package dealt with and normality resumed within 35 minutes.

The Met Counter-terror teams in conjunctions with our Angel Police Team run regular free training sessions for businesses – contact us if you’d like a session at your business bespoke to your sector.

Says Damien Devine, owner of the Old Red Lion pub who had booked training for his staff just before the suspect package alert: “The incident at the Angel became very real very quickly. It occurred just before our (almost full theatre was about to go up). We had a full lock down for about 30 minutes until we we felt safe. 

“We could not have have a more realistic drill or rehearsal as of course it was live and we had very little information about what was going on. However, your training was invaluable and gave us the confidence to handle the situation appropriately with some many people on the premises. I think we did a good job and I thank you for enabling us to do it.”

Please do call the Angel Police Team if there’s anything you are suspicious about. They would rather you call and it be nothing, than the alternative…