Reach a new audience…

Without wishing to be rude, we’re thrilled to see the back of the Thames Water roadworks, lorries and contractors and delighted to witness the return of buses, shoppers and diners to the Angel just in time for Christmas.

But it seems that have people started coming back already. Our angel.london footfall counters show that during half-term (the week beginning October 23) visitors to Angel increased by 6.6%, to 520,883. Or it could be due to the hugely popular two-day Droidcon exhibition at the Business Design Centre on October 26 and 27.

Keep an eye on that’s happening at the BDC which, holding at least 300 events a year, is one of London’s favourite exhibition and conference venues. If you time your new product with one of their major exhibitions, you might get a whole new audience…                   www.businessdesigncentre.co.uk

 Do you want to know how many people pass your shop? We’re paying for ten more footfall monitors and will install them on a first come, first served basis. All you need is a plug point and power supply near the front of your premises. Call us to book yours on 020 7288 4377