We are delighted to confirm that after HUGE opposition from businesses and residents at the Angel, the council have scrapped their plans to extend parking charges to seven days here.

They have reported that 76% of people responding to their plans for the Angel opposed them.

Their two-month summer consultation over plans to cut free parking sparked an immediate and angry reaction from almost every member, Chapel Market traders, business associations, faith groups and residents fearing this would harm trade and damage our lively economy. They reacted with a barrage of letters, petitions, leaflets, online protests, stories in the press, and heckling councillors. Thankfully Islington Council has listened to the people and will shortly confirm their decision.

“Thank goodness the council has seen sense,” says Chief Executive Christine Lovett. “Many businesses anxiously feared for their livelihoods but the benefit of the process is that all communities at the Angel have come together for the common good, recognising shared goals and interests of a united town centre. The voice of businesses has been heard – it’s brilliant how much passion the Angel inspires in people.”