Businesses are moving to the Angel because the quality of our public realm impressed their clients and employees. We clean streets every morning ready for the business day, and provide a free recycling service which puts money back into businesses pockets.




We run seven free recycling services seven days a week - paper, cardboard, plastics, printer cartridges, white goods, furniture and London’s first service recycling waste coffee grounds into reusable energy pellets.
We are helping businesses cut their environmental impact and save money. Many BID businesses are saving way more than they pay in BID levy by using our free recycling services.



What’s taking up space in your office that might be useful to other businesses or charities?
If it’s re-useable office furniture, IT in good working order or spotless catering equipment and crockery, tell us and we will advertise it. If someone can use it, we’ll take it away and deliver to them for FREE, saving you money on collection and disposal.



We have established the Angel Sustainability Forum to bring businesses and organisations together to develop practical initiatives to make the Angel a greener place.



Clean, tidy, well-maintained streets are critical to making the Angel feel attractive and welcoming, creating a sense of pride for those of us who work here.
Our services are on top of what Islington Council delivers. And, unlike them, we still offer free graffiti removal for your premises.


We’re a one-stop-shop for all street waste and graffiti issues. Business members can call us about any dumped rubbish, graffiti, fly-posting, illegal trading, fly-tipping, spillages and unsightly debris and we’ll tackle it quickly (and for free).

Call 020 7288 4377 SUSTAINABILITY POLICY works with Islington Council to ensure we conform to the borough sustainability requirements, and we also promote and operate green policies to, and for, our members. We deliver an effective, eco-friendly recycling service where all of the waste we collect is directed away from landfill, and by undertaking the service in-house, we substantially reduce the carbon footprint for the BID area. Wherever possible we recycle unwanted office furniture and equipment between our members.