Oil can dumpers caught & fined

Selfish fly-tippers have been slapped with a £400 a fine after businesses complained to us that cans full of used cooking oil were regularly dumped behind Upper Street.

Some mornings workers arrived to find 20 cans of stinking oil behind their premises in St Albans Place. So – we trained our new CCTV cameras on the area, and with the help of Islington Council’s CCTV control room, tracked and identified the van.

Said our CEO Christine Lovett in the press: “This fine very clearly sends out a message that we will not tolerate dumping or fly-tipping at the Angel. Businesses can have confidence that when they report things, we take them seriously and deal with it. The regular dumping of full oil cans was the scourge of businesses behind Upper Street for a year.

Working closely with Islington Council, angel.london police team and the council’s CCTV operators has achieved so much. Even if criminals are outside of the Angel, our CCTV enables us to pursue and prosecute them.”