Now we even collect your unwanted white goods

We’ve just added white goods to the list of things you no longer need that we can collect for free.

This is in addition to the six recycling services we already offer – paper, cardboard, plastics, printer cartridges, furniture swap shop and London’s first service recycling waste coffee grounds into reusable energy pellets.

We are pleased to be able to offer another way to save our members money and cut their environmental impact. Many BID businesses are saving way more than they pay in BID levy by using our free recycling services. And the fewer recycling companies that collect at Angel, the fewer lorries polluting the air and snarling up the traffic. We aim to increase by a third the number of businesses recycling with us by the end of 2017.

Simply contact us to join our recycling, or discuss the collection of your white goods. Where we can, we will recycle or offer them for re-use.