We can’t quite believe it but it’s almost five years since businesses elected us for our second term as the Angel’s business improvement district. And now we are asking you to vote again so we can continue bringing benefits to your business and long-term improvements to the Angel.

We are proud of what we’ve achieved in the last five years

  • saving our business recyclers a total of £7,000 every month
  • countdown crossings
  • our dedicated Police Team awarded Outstanding Police Team of the Year in Islington for making the most arrests
  • setting up London’s first community security zone, creating a business community driving the area’s emergency planning
  • establishing a popular PubWatch group – used by Met Police as the model for London – making the Angel a safe place to go out
  • Christmas lights
  • summer flowers

We hope you will vote YES so we can carry on the good work. New services we are offering include

  • expert advice from police experts on the correct positioning of CCTV cameras in your premises
  • rates reductions for businesses affected by utilities’ disruptions
  • What’s up your Street rolling programme of bespoke extra cleansing directed by YOU
  • Angel Ambassadors being the eyes and ears of the Angel – meeting visitors, reporting environmental issues and security concerns, and telling everyone what the Angel has to offer
  • stepping-up promotion of the Angel as a cultural destination

Says Chief Exec Christine Lovett (pictured): “We have an open door policy and regularly meet businesses for a temperature check on how we’re doing – that’s how we know we’re doing things that you want, making improvements for your business, your employees and customers and putting money directly back into your pocket.

“It’s easy to take things for granted, but everything like Christmas lights, beautiful summer flowers, and the free recycling services won’t be here unless we are.”

Our five-year Renewal Proposal detailing all the services we shall be offering in 2017-22 (current services and new) is now available for delivery or you can download from our publications page. You must post back your voting papers by October 27 – call us if you haven’t received them.

REMEMBER – a NO vote means all the services we offer will stop on March 31 2017.