Make it a clean air day every day

It’s National Clear Air Day once a year (June 21 2018) but we’re working with Cross River Partnership to urge everyone to spend time EVERY DAY thinking about doing your bit to clean up our air. When did you last see the Angel look like this? Imagine how much easier to breathe it would be – and safer to cross!

So here are some ideas

  • encourage your staff to walk, cycle or use public transport for work. We have installed bike racks to make it easier to park
  • every business takes deliveries. Talk to your company/courier about parking properly and switching off the engine, rather than leaving it idling. We have created more parking for deliveries with either flush spaces at the Angel end of Upper Street, or extra delivery hours in bays near St Mary’s Church
  • working with local walking guides to show people working at Angel the most interesting ways to walk here, with quirky buildings and hidden features, gastro and cultural tours
  • new electric buses on the 153 route through the Angel from Finsbury Park to Moorgate. Thanks TfL!
  • it is estimated that personal mail accounts for 40% of deliveries to the office. Think about collecting your online orders in local branches of your favourite stores
  • we have been encouraging smaller businesses to become click & collect points which also attracts new customers to their shop
  • Check out the handy collection points at Angel, such as the Amazon locker below in Angel Central. You will also find them at these businesses Sainsbury’s stores in Liverpool Road and Upper Street, the Shell petrol station in Upper Street, and N1 Grill in Chapel Market (click here for more locations)
  • companies such as RocketSpace, Expedia and Cancer Research have installed them for staff personal deliveries. Could you?
  • Find out the cleanest walking route to your destination with The Mayor of London’s interactive map