We’re asking all businesses to report any crimes that happen in and around their premises so we can build up a clear picture of what’s going on at the Angel.

Even if you’re too busy at the time, please call 101 afterwards and report the incident.

Businesses in Camden Passage have been asking for CCTV after recent robberies and in order to campaign for extra cameras, it’s important to show there’s a need.

As well as identifying criminals for a specific crime, CCTV footage is very helpful to police investigations because offenders do repeat their crimes on the same day in the same area. Thieves or muggers operating here are often known to the angel.london Police Team already and if they can be charged with a number of offences, they are more likely to be given a custodial sentence and removed from our streets.

“Make sure your business is equipped with the best CCTV you can afford, that it’s in the best possible condition, and that your staff know how to use it,” says angel.london Police Team Sergeant Chris Walsh. “There’s nothing worse than having blurry unusable images that we know could be evidence if only we could see them.”

We are offering BID levy payers the services of police experts advising you where best to site your CCTV cameras if you are putting them in.

This year alone the police team have convicted more than 40 bag thieves, pickpockets and shoplifters by identifying them from CCTV images. They could catch a lot more….

  • Angel police Team have caught a purse thief and returned property to the distressed owner, within an hour of the theft happening in a supermarket. The victim reported that her purse was gone to store staff who called our team immediately. After watching the store’s CCTV footage, they captured the thief in the area who luckily still had the stolen property on her. ALWAYS report your losses to shop staff – it might help you get your stuff back.