Get recycling with the BID

Did you know the BID provides seven recycling services for members as part of the levy?

These are for paper, cardboard, plastics, printer cartridges, white goods, furniture and coffee grounds. It’s also worth knowing the items we can’t recycle, for example wallpaper, paint pots, and bubblewrap. The full list is as follows.

Plastics that cannot be recycled:

Foil-lined packets (sweet wrappers and crisp packets)
Black sacks
Bio-degradable and degradable bags
Polystyrene trays and packing beads
CD and DVD cases
Tupperware containers
Plastic storage boxes
Foil balloons
Blister packs
Laminated paper
Plastic coat hangers
Plastic flowerpots

Paper that cannot be recycled:

Soiled paper or tissue
Waxed paper
Foil-backed card or paper
Card with padding or bubblewrap

Need street waste or graffiti tackled? Call our cleaning action line for businesses on 020 7288 4377. You can also find out more about our services here.