Free pilot for businesses – Near St & Islington Council

Islington Council has partnered with NearSt to increase footfall and sales by getting local businesses’ products into Google and seen by the thousands of potential customers that live nearby. People increasingly search for products online and this will help them buy locally.

The initiative with NearSt is to help independent Islington businesses compete with the rising trend in online sales and to support them in the current economic climate. 

A limited number of Islington retailers will be able to get NearSt for FREE (usual cost £399) as part of a pilot project funded by the Council as part of its Shop Local campaign. You will need a point-of-sale (POS) system linked to your inventory.

Once you have had NearSt technology installed, there is no other charge although it is recommended that you pay for Google’s ‘Local Inventory Ads’, at least from time to time, to make full use of the technology.

For further information and to register your interest for the free trial before 31 October, click HERE

To read a downloadable summary of how NearSt works, click HERE.