Fraud alert! Please share

We’re warning all (link ) members about scams that have been attempted on businesses recently

Fake Crime Prevention Campaign

A phone call was received from an individual claiming to be ‘Chris Smith’ of the police working on a crime prevention campaign. He then asked if the business would be willing to pay for advertising space in a promotional publication, and was about to confirm payment information when the business challenged him and ended the call. 

Thanks to the vigilance of the business in question it was unsuccessful, however we all need a reminder to be cautious and report any such suspicious activity to the UK’s fraud reporting centre Action Fraud.

Fake Government Grants Fraud Alert

Watch out for cold calls and online contact from fraudsters offering the opportunity to apply for Government grants – for an advance fee…

Examples of other cyber scams

Check out these links to Met Police resources detailing fraud and cyber crime

–  Little Book of Big Scams

– Little Book of Cyber Scams

Contact our Angel Police Team hotline immediately if you think you’re being scammed.