Police release public safety film 

The film we have been screening to businesses showing the steps the public can take in the event of a firearm and weapons terrorist attack has now been released The Met for everyone.

Click here to find out what practical steps you can take to keep your staff and customers safe by evacuating your building, hiding and what to tell the police…

In the wake of recent events in Paris we ran two Angel security sessions for 120 local businesses, with counter-terror officers sharing the latest security intelligence and advice. We have briefed almost 500 people on what to expect and how to manage. We will be running more – keep checking for dates and times here and on twitter @welovethe angel

We are determined to keep the Angel as safe as can be and we are working with our Angel Police Team and The Met Police to put more officers on the streets and reassure everyone working and living here – although the threat level to the UK has not been increased.

You will probably be aware that we have set up the Community Safety Zone with the Met’s anti-terror officers, Islington Council’s Emergency Planners and key businesses at the Angel, all working together to keep our area secure and inform you of any developments.

We all need to keep vigilant – on the streets and in our businesses – and not be afraid to report anything suspicious. Call 101 or 999 in an emergency. You can also call the National Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.