Clearing up crime

Clearing up crime

Angel Police Team just get better and better. They have just notched up successes in banning a persistent and aggressive beggar from setting foot Angel for three years and securing a six-month jail sentence for a regular shoplifter who threatened to stab store staff.

The latest figures show the team are clearing up 43% of all reported crime here, compared to 37% earlier in the year. The average clear up rate for London is 9-13%.

Paid for by your BID levy, Angel Police Team are determined to make the Angel as safe as it can be for everyone who works, visits and lives here – although if you don’t see much of them, don’t worry, they spend most of their time in plain clothes watching what’s going on…

Don’t forget to sign up or log in to our Angel Crime Fighters website to view photos of crime suspects. If they’ve committed offences on your premises , please contact the police team. If you’ve got CCTV footage – even better. We do need evidence of a string of offences to make sure these people are banned from the Angel.

ShopsApp – if you’re not signed up, sign up! See photos of known offenders, find out details of recent incidents from other businesses, and hear latest info from the police. email to join.

Spotting a specs thief – Angel Police Team charged a thief who stole £4437 of glasses from Specsavers after recognising them on CCTV.