CLEANER – The three new ‘C’s of our recycling: Coffee, Cups and Cutlery!!

The harm that disposable drinking vessels are doing to our planet is BIG news at the moment and the difficulties in recycling single-use coffee cups regularly hit the headlines.  Well, here at we are always looking at ways we can help our businesses become more environmentally friendly through our free recycling services.

Our innovative coffee grounds recycling service has really shown the way and we are pleased to be able to extend this FREE service to include compostable cups and cutlery.

Advances in manufacturing methods mean that disposable cups and cutlery can be made out of plant based (and fully biodegradable) matter.  And because these items degrade at the same rate as coffee grounds, we are able to include these in our FREE recycling services.

Three Angel businesses – Kobo on Upper St, Mercer & Co in Chapel Market and The Almeida Cafe Bar  – have already ‘seen the light’ by using cups and cutlery that is compostable and thus benefitting from our extended free service.

If you think your business could switch to compostables and then benefit from our expanded service, please get in touch on 020 7288 4377 or email

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Angel became the first BID to champion the new ‘three C’s’ of recycling?!