CLEANER – Now you see it, now you don’t!

Here at we love cycling as an environmentally friendly way to travel and we want to ensure that all bike users have places to lock up their bikes.  What we don’t like is when old and clearly abandoned bikes are left chained to racks, taking up a valuable space and generally looking a mess.

So as the BID that ‘sweats the small stuff’ as well at the ‘big picture’ work we do, we’ve been on a mission in the last few weeks to rid our Angel of these bike blighters.  Sadly its not as simple as just cutting the lock off, we go through the process of doing an audit of abandoned bikes in the BID area, tagging each of them to give ‘official notice’ of their removal, waiting the requisite time period for someone to claim the bike, and then when its not been claimed, we can finally get rid of it!

We’re pleased to say that our endeavours are paying off and the first batch of unwanted (and often broken) bikes have been removed… Watch this space for further action we undertake to keep the Angel clean.