CLEANER: New eligibility and increased payments for scrappage scheme for vans and minibuses

As part of the Mayor of London’s action to tackle dirty air across the capital, a series of measures that will accelerate the move to cleaner vehicles across London has been introduced.

Payments for the van scrappage scheme will double to £7,000, with £9,500 also now available to those switching to electric vans. This is to help businesses prepare for the tightening of the London-wide Low Emission Zone standards this October and the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the north and south circular in 2021.

The eligibility for the scheme has also been broadened so that more businesses can benefit. Previously firms with fewer than 10 employees (defined as micro businesses) were eligible. Now small businesses (those with 50 or fewer employees) are included.

Other changes to the van scrappage scheme mean drivers will have to have made at least 26 trips into the Congestion Charge Zone in the six months prior to the launch of the scheme. Previously drivers had to make at least 52 trips.

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Heavy vehicles, including HGVs, coaches and buses that are not part of the TfL network, make up more than a third of the harmful pollution from transport. To help clean up the heavy vehicle fleet, the van scrappage scheme will open to small businesses operating heavy vehicles later this year.