BRIGHTER – Shows and performances across Angel in June 2018

With summer now just around the corner our arts and cultural venues will be hosting a wide range of shows bringing visitors to Angel throughout June.  Check out what’s coming up next month:



Until 2 June                     In the Shadow of the Mountain

This touching, funny story explores a relationship born in the throes of a mental health crisis as a couple struggles to find their place in the world.

5 – 30 June                          I AM OF IRELAND

A HUNDRED THOUSAND WELCOMES! But is the myth of open-hearted Ireland which her sons, daughters and visitors love, gone? Humour remains, sectarianism declines but racist violence is on the up – ask the new black priest Father Flannagan.  As faith and idealism wane can Catholic Mary, Republican Dominic or Loyalist Derek still believe now, now, NOW?



 29 May – 9 June         Akram Khan Company – XENOS

Making his final performances as a dancer in a full length piece, Akram Khan takes to the stage alongside five world class musicians.

12 – 13 June                   Birmingham Royal Ballet – Romeo & Juliet

Love at first dance, forbidden passions, dangerous secrets and star-crossed fate combine in this exhilarating classic ballet.

15 – 16 June                  Birmingham Royal Ballet – In the Upper Room: Polarity & Proximity

Quick-witted and even quicker footed, In the Upper Room is an exhilarating, athletic ballet in which dancers in sneakers and striking red pointe shoes dominate the stage with energy, flair and finesse.

21 – 23 June                 Semperoper Ballett – All Forsythe

Based in Dresden, the Semperoper Ballett has conquered the world with its now acclaimed blend of fierce ballet technique with both classical and contemporary repertoire. This triple bill of works by the visionary William Forsythebrandishes this identity.

26 – 29 June               Nederlands Dans Theater 1 – Leon & Lightfoot / Pite / Goecke

The celebrated NDT returns with a revelatory programme featuring two works by Sol León and Paul Lightfoot: Shoot the Moon, an exploration of hidden emotions to a score by Philip Glass, and Stop-Motion, an attempt to capture the past, set to Max Richter’s haunting music.

30 June – 1 July             Theatretrain – Special Measures

Special Measures explores what happens when the new head teacher of a school in special measures makes sweeping changes and cuts the arts out of the curriculum. This leads to a chain of unexpected events and entanglements.



Until 3 June               Stories on a String

Stories on a String brings the mysteries of the Amazon jungle to life through live Brazilian music, songs and puppetry, for ages 6+.

31 May – 1 June         The Nose

This story, based on the Russian short story by Nikolai Gogol, follows the sensory adventures of a mischievous nose. Dissatisfied with his position in the middle of the face, he decides there must be more to life.

2 & 3 June                 The Pixies’ Scarf

Inspired by the powerfully evocative tale of The Pixies’ Scarf by Alison Uttely, Soap Soup Theatre present a brand new theatrical treat for children and their families, set in the wet, craggy lands of Dartmoor.

6 – 10 June               Cardboard Carnival

With their own inimitable style Lempen have taken the fantastic music by Camille Saint-Saëns, and an exploration of the material of cardboard, to make a fun, visual production with no text, refreshingly focused on the simple magic of puppetry to leave audiences inspired by both the animal theatricality of the music and the creative potential of the simple cardboard box.

8 June – 29 July     Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

This adaptation of the story of Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm conjures a dreamlike fantasy of palaces and forests, ogres and fairies, princes and babes.

13 June – 17 June     Jack at the Beanstalk Cafe

Hand to Mouth Theatre present a nourishing bean-feast of stories in the Beanstalk Cafe, including the sweet and sour tale of The Old Woman in a Vinegar Bottle, and a tasty take on Jack and the Beanstalk.

18 June                       Leaf

Join us as we tell the life story of a very special leaf in this warm, intimate and playful new piece for under 3s inspired by nature and the seasons. Framed within an evocative soundscape, this is the perfect introduction to theatre for the very young.

23 & 24 June             A Square World

A Square World is a story of friends who enjoy the same routine day after day, each day is the same until an unexpected change is forced upon just one of them.

25 June                     The Adventures of Pom

Leading early-years story-teller and performance artist Ruthie Boycott-Garnett has been commissioned by Big Imaginations to create a visual and sensory exploration of the Greek Myth, Persephone with music, moving images and puppetry that will inspire and delight children from weeks old, to full grown adults.



4 June – 21 July      Machinal

The city. A woman is restless. A woman is suffocating. A woman is silenced.  The woman revolts.   Natalie Abrahami directs a visceral production of Sophie Treadwell’s expressionist masterpiece.



Until 2 June         F*cking Men

A slick dramatic comedy of gay sexual manners, ten characters circle through a series of erotic encounters, exploring whether gay men are increasingly trapped by monogamy, or whether their sexual encounters are fuelled by hunger for elusive, meaningful connections.

6 – 30 June            The Unbuilt City

On a cold afternoon in February, Jonah knocks on the door of a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. He’s come to ask socialite turned recluse Claudia to sell her famously secret art collection to a university archive. Delving deep within their own history, Jonah and Claudia will face the ghosts of the men they each loved and of the lives they lived in a bid to win each other’s trust and discover the mystery behind New York’s most fabled relic: The Unbuilt City. 

T  his is the European Premiere of a new play by Keith Bunin, author of The Busy World is Hushed.

7 – 30 June            Ghost About The House

A hilarious, sexy, haunting gay comedy! Set in the same grand Islington house, in 1936 and 2016. Five actors play two time connected roles. A sizzling comedy of ghostly interference and impossible modern relationships with sidelong glances at our political uncertainty.