Announcing our Angel Spring Clean week – 17 to 21 April

The Angel Spring Clean week (17 – 21 April) will be five days of consolidated activities and initiatives to make the Angel’s public realm as clean and presentable as possible for all who work, live and visit the town over the spring and summer months.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been out and about undertaking audits of the town centre, identifying things that need repairing and cleaning. From this, we’re creating a five-day intensive schedule of works, delivered by us and our strategic partners including Islington Council and TfL. Activities are scheduled to include:

  • Benches – repair and clean
  • Bins – deep clean and repair where required
  • Bollards – repainting
  • Bus stops – graffiti removal
  • Bike racks – removal of discarded / broken bikes
  • Pavements – deep clean of oil spills etc.
  • Planters and floral boxes – clean and sticker removal 

We’ve also called on the various telecom companies that have phone boxes in the Angel to do the right thing and repair, clean their street infrastructure which we know is a blight on our beloved Angel. We will continue to press them on this.

We want your business to get involved too. If you have noticed a cleanliness issue on the public realm close to your premises, please let us know by emailing Ellie, our Place Manager, at with a brief description (and photo if you can provide one) of the issue and location. 

Also, if you and your colleagues fancy getting involved to help make the Angel look great for everyone –  whether that’s a litter pick or community gardening session – but don’t know where to start, please drop Ellie a line and we’ll be happy to help facilitate.