We’ve set up the first WhatsApp safety messaging group as the quickest and simplest way to alert you if there’s a terrorist attack.

We’re determined that every member is told immediately about incidents so you can ensure the safety of your staff and customers, and be advised quickly by police what to do.

It’s the first scheme of this kind in the country, and is part of the Community Security Zone we set up a year ago with key businesses, Angel Police Team, Islington Council’s Emergency Planners, and the Met’s Counter terror experts to develop and drive emergency planning here, for you.

Says Chief executive Christine Lovett: “The safety of everyone at Angel is our first concern. Saving minutes can save lives. This excellent idea has come from our close working relationship with Angel Police Team and Angel Central shopping centre manager Lynne Glover.”

Mobile phones are the most instant way to quickly share advice or urgent police alerts about where’s safest to go. These will be restricted to actual terrorist attacks only and everyone will need to sign a confidentiality agreement before joining the scheme.

“It’s vital the group is subject to the utmost security,” said Angel Police Team Sergeant Chris Walsh. “We shall scrutinise all activity carefully. If anyone puts a finger wrong by sending out something they shouldn’t, or misusing someone’s personal number, they will be removed immediately.”

To join, business managers must be prepared to use their personal phones, and spread the message to all staff. It’s vital that everyone gets themselves into a safe place and calls 999 first.

Contact us to find out exactly how the scheme works 020 7288 4377.

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Then scroll down to find the alarm bell on the left – click it to receive urgent alerts to your phone.