The Angel

The Angel is the one of the most vibrant town centres in North London. Set within the London Borough of Islington, the Angel has always been a place of trade dating back to its origins in the early 17th Century.


A BID (Business Improvement District) is a geographical area in which local businesses have voted to invest collectively to improve the environment for commercial activity. An organisation – such as – is then formed to deliver these improvements, answerable to a board of local business people.

Those services are identified and requested by those member businesses, who pay a levy to fund them. They are additional to those already provided by the police and local authority. Services may include extra safety, cleaning, environmental improvements, or member benefits.

Every five years, members vote to continue the BID for another five years. The BID at the Angel was established in 2007, voted in again in 2011, 2016 and most recently in 2021.

WHAT IS ANGEL.LONDON? is the organisation that runs the Business Improvement District in the Angel. Covering 46 streets and representing over 550 businesses, our mission is to create a sense of place to encourage inward investment and attract business. Our thriving town centre offers commercial advantage for business owners and occupiers and an enjoyable and secure place to work, live and visit.

In 2007 businesses in the Angel voted overwhelmingly to set up a BID to improve the trading environment. The ideas were simple – making it safer, cleaner, brighter and stronger. In 2011, 2016 and 2021 they voted resoundingly for us to continue with our work.



The BID levy is 1% of Rateable Value (RV) using the current Rating List

The BID levy is charged on all properties in the BID area which appear in the Ratings List with a Rateable Value (RV) of £25,500 or more. Within the Business Design Centre or designated shared workspaces, only businesses with a RV of £50,000 or more will pay the 1% levy contribution

The BID levy payable for any hereditament shall not exceed £25,000 per annum

Ratepayers in receipt of mandatory charitable relief from Business Rates will receive a 50% discount on the BID levy

A ratepayer is liable to pay the BID levy on an unoccupied property without any void period or any empty allowance

The BID levy will be a daily charge, paid annually in advance

There will be no VAT charged on the BID levy

Islington Council is responsible for collecting the levy on behalf Angel BID Ltd

Properties that come into the Rating List during the BID term will be subject to the BID levy from the effective date that the property is brought into the Rating List and the RV effective at that time

Where the RV for a hereditament changes and results in a lower BID levy, this comes into effect only from the start of the financial year in which the change is made and no refunds of the BID levy will be made for previous years

The Angel BID Ltd Board will be able to alter the BID arrangements, without an alteration ballot, so long as the alterations do not:

– Alter the geographical area of the BID

– Cause anyone to pay the BID levy who was not liable to pay it or increase the amount of the BID levy for anyone

– Conflict with the Local Government Act 2003 or the Business Improvement District Regulations 2004.


SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR 2020/21 IN LIGHT OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC understands the problems facing our businesses as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and has, at the discretion of the board, apply the following rules for 2020/21:

For businesses which have continued trading for the duration of the coronavirus crisis –  the 1% of the Rateable Value (RV) levy rate will apply as before and bills will be issued. These businesses will be able to access immediately the full range of services the BID offers.

For businesses with a rateable value of £86,000 or above which were forced to close for part or all of lockdown periods – levy bills for six months only at 1% of the RV will be issued in September. These businesses too will be able to access the full range of BID services immediately at this rate.

For businesses with a rateable value below £86,000, and which have been forced to close for all or part of the lockdown periods – no levy bills will be issued during the current year. If, however, any business in this category wishes to access our recycling service, they will be asked to pay a contribution of half the 1% of their RV and will, additionally, be encouraged to have a waste contract with Islington Council Waste Services to reduce carbon emissions.

The liability for the BID levy falls on the person who pays the business rates. Landlords of empty properties are liable, as are any new business ratepayers coming into the area during the term of the BID.




2019 Islington in Bloom Best Retail Street or Area//2018 London in Bloom Silver Award//2016, 2015 Purple Flag accreditation for a safe, interesting and well-managed night economy// 2015 Met Police Outstanding Team Achievement of the Year for Reduction in Crime // 2015 nominated for Collection Crew of the Year Award at the Awards for Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management // 2014 nominated for Collection Crew of the Year Award at the Awards for Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management // 2017, 2014 London in Bloom Silver Gilt // 2013 London in Bloom Silver Gilt // 2012 London in Bloom Gold Award // 2012 Met Police Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Total Policing // 2011 London in Bloom Gold Award // 2010 London in Bloom Silver Gilt // 2009 London in Bloom Silver Gilt // 2008 London in Bloom Town & City Centre Award