Recently we have received a number of enquiries from businesses following action taken by TfL regarding A-Boards and tables and chairs on the pavements. We hope this will clarify matters for you.

The situation

Transport for London (TfL) have responsibility for everything that happens on the Red Routes including the pavements (public highway). Red Routes in our area are Upper Street, St John Street, Pentonville Road and City Road.

TfL have zero tolerance to A-Boards and any other street clutter (other than tables and chairs – see below), so if you have a business on a Red Route, you cannot put out an A-Board or any other street furniture such as plants or barriers.

Are there any exceptions?

Not if it is on the public highway. If however you can prove to TfL that you own the land, and that it is not part of the highway then you will be able to place an A-Board there. It will be up to you to prove the land is yours.

So what about tables & chairs?

TfL accepts that some businesses need to have tables and chairs outside, so have delegated licensing powers to Islington Council. If you want to put them outside, you must obtain a licence from the council. You will need to complete an application form, pay a fee and the council will come along to assess whether there is sufficient space. If the land is yours, and you can prove it, you will not need to get a licence, but remember that you must be able to prove that the land is yours.

So my business is not on a TfL road. Can I do what I want?

Unfortunately not. The council has responsibility for all other roads in the borough, and issuing licences. The good news is that they will allow A-Boards on their roads, providing they are satisfied that there is sufficient space and that there is no risk to street users. They don’t have a blanket policy for individual streets – each application is decided on a case by case basis.

So how do I get a licence?

If you want to place an A-Board, tables and chairs or a combination of both outside your premises, and you are on a non-TfL road, (or tables and chairs only if you are on a TfL road) then you must make an application to the council and pay the required fee in order to start the application process. The best advice is to speak to the council or check their website before you apply.  There will then be a formal consultation on your application. The council will  consider any responses they have received to the consultation and decide on whether to issue the licence.

Further information